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I suppose one of the good things about a blog is that it doesn’t literally collect dust.  That might be also one of its down falls.  For the cyber in-tune and RSS fueled the dust here might be more obvious than dust bunnies collecting under furniture.  For a long time I put off starting a blog, paralyzed with the fear that I would fall victim to of the day when it would go dormant.  Nothing is worse than a neglected blog… and then the unimaginable happened.  My very own musings fell silent.

I write this post as a public declaration of accountability to get the dust off and start musing once again.  As the new year approaches, I am excited to see sustainability becoming more common to our general vernacular and the continued evolution of social media.   I’m also excited to see how this blog grows and evolves, hopefully with your input.

Here’s to a year filled with new thoughts, new relationships formed through social media, old relationships growing stronger, and understanding our ever-changing world together.

Blessing to you and your family for a Merry Christmas and a bright New Year!


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