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As of late I have become a documentary junkie.  Give me a good turn-what-you-thought-about-the-world-on-its-ear story and I’m hooked.  Inspired to act.  I’ve hopped on the Food, Inc. bandwagon (and if you haven’t hopped on, it’s totally worth the ride) and seen a smattering of films that beg my eco-consciousness to broaden (check out No Impact Man).  I’ve watched films that bring you into the heart of the less fortunate. Pulling you in, for just a moment, to their world.  At which point you see, we are all human and whether we wear a suit or a hole-ridden t-shirt that hasn’t see a laundry machine in weeks, we have the same basic needs.

For those films, I’ve been the student.  Arriving to class, in my living room, awaiting the professor’s well thought out finished product.

Through the instant community of social media and the internet, I’ve had the good fortune to met one of my neighbors.  An aspiring professor in the documentary university.  Someone who is at the precipice of exposing sustainable hope in Haiti.

My neighbor is embarking on the journey to bring a project called Hands That Feed to life.  It is a documentary that aims to highlight the hope that exists in Haiti.  Human ingenuity that will break the cycle of the past through young people who have a fire of hope in their chest.

Through a random meeting with a neighbor in this digital community, I can impact lives a world away.  Join me as I spread the word that assistance comes when we partner with our brothers and sisters.  A partnership that doesn’t start and stop with aid, but transforms lives, expects much, and empowers.

Learn about the project.  Spread the word.  Support the effort.  Be inspired to act.


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