If you think there’s a chance you can make a dent, GO. – Seth Godin

A few weeks ago I had the great fortune to hear a talk by Seth Godin, Marketing Consultant to the Stars. OK, that’s not his official moniker, but the guy is brilliant. His brilliance struck me not in a “here’s how you make more money” or “here’s how you become famous” way.

He opened my eyes, my mind, my heart – to go. For a long time I’ve been sitting at the station waiting. Waiting for someone, anyone, to give me my itinerary. Waiting for someone chart my trip for me. Standing there holding the bat as pitch after pitch went by, not swinging only hoping that I would get walked to my next destination. No risk involved.

That’s all changed. It’s about risk. It’s about getting something done so much larger than myself. It’s about getting off the bench, getting on the train, and going. Though I don’t know the exact destination, and perhaps I never will.

Don’t ask permission.

They aren’t going to notice the talent you think you have.

They aren’t going to pave the road for you.

They aren’t going to tell you how to reach your creative potential.

You are.

Even if you don’t know where the road it taking you. Jump on the train and go. Rub shoulders with strangers and go with them.

I can’t wait to see you on the journey.