Friday was blog action day.  A day for bloggers around the world to come together and raise awareness about the need for clean water.  I was excited join in to over 5,500 other voices to bring a voice to those who have to walk miles, everyday, for unclean water.

Then life happened.  And for a bunch of reasons I didn’t even fire up my computer that day.  And I missed my chance.  My beautifully written blog post went silent.

Then I realized this day wasn’t about me.  And clean water still maters.  Everyday.  Clean water is still so far out of reach of so many.  And my voice is still needed.  And yours it too.

It’s about the 38,000 children a week, yes a WEEK, who die from unclean drinking water and unsanitary living conditions.  It’s about how everything I interact with in my comfortable, easy life, comes back to the clean water that I have and don’t even think about.  How so much water is used to make my clothes, my latte, building materials… everything.

Be informed about those a world away.   But don’t stop there.  Act.  Use what you have – time, talents, money, your voice – and be a vehicle of change.  Change to help those who so desperately need clean water.

Clean water still maters.  And will continue to matter until everyone, 1.1 billion people, have adequate access to clean drinking water.

Clean water still matters.

Water still matters.

It still matters.