I debated on writing this post for quite some time.  I’ve kept a pretty healthy distance between my “blogger face” and personal life.  I guess my fear was that in building my personal brand, bringing in anything truly personal would immediately discredit what I was trying to achieve.

Then Haiti filled my heart and the ache became uncontrollable.  What might be more accurate is the Asian Tsunami of 2004 happened first and I remained unchanged.  The Tsunami happened and I watched, read, thought, and prayed about those affected in such an unimaginable way.  And then, over time, the ache dissipated, I forgot about those people – my brothers and sisters half a world away, and I continued to live my mostly inwardly focused life.  Now the tragedy in Haiti is upon us and I feel like my life should be noticeably different.  And maybe should stay that way.

Here comes the personal part, that I have been omitting from my purposefully professional blog.  My relationship with Christ has transformed me and compels me to live a different life.  As a Christian I am called upon to care for the poor, homeless, and loveless.  But yet, here I am a world away in comfort and provision, giving only what seems like a minimal amount.  How should I be changed?  How can I help carry my brother’s burden?  Researching the most eco-friendly diaper seems to be a slap in the face to those people that I am charged to take care of.

Should I completely put the brakes on my life as I know it?  No, I don’t think that’s the appropriate response.  But I struggle with what the right response should be.  As I watch the devastation unfold before me on media of all kinds, in my comfortable chair in my comfortable life, I come to the notion that I should be not only aware of the pain and suffering in the world, but be changed.

Gandhi said that you must be the change you are trying to create.  The change in my world, I’m realizing, goes beyond creation care and best practices in social media.  The change in my world is to care for the poor, homeless, and loveless and to help carry their burden.  Carry it as long as they do and not just how long the media cares.