All over the news, blogs and just about as unavoidable as the healthcare debate, climate change talk is unavoidable.  You reduce the shouting to a dull roar, weed through the extreme thoughts, and find yourself at a place wondering, do I really need to worry about climate change?  I’m comfortable in my house with my central air and heat and don’t see any negative impact in my neighborhood.

I am excited to join bloggers around the world as we participate in Blog Action Day 2009, working together to raise awareness and spur action on global climate change.  But as I sat mulling over just what to write, the questions of the real need for action flooded my thoughts.  How do I explain to my friends, who view me as kind of nuts when it comes to this stuff, that this is really something that we should all be concerned about?

It boils down to a fundamental belief of mine that we are our brother’s keeper.  While some are motivated to save a variety of species great and small, the heart of my concern is for the least advantaged.  Those who walk miles for clean water.  Those who survive day-to-day in harsh environments.  These are the people who will be affected the most by us – cozy in (most likely) fossil fueled homes.

Is there a natural ebb and flow to water levels and temperature on the globe?  Yes, of course.  The complexities of our world are great.  What cannot be overlooked or ignored is the impact that we have on our environment.  Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should – when it comes to living with reckless impact on our environment.

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