This week as the G-8 summit takes place in L’Aquila, Italy I have been watching.  Watching what our world leaders are willing to do to address climate change.  Watching and waiting… only to be, unsurprisingly, a bit disappointed with what seems to be the outcome.

I’ve really been chewing on the issue of climate change.  Isn’t it really and issue of us, in industrialized wealthy nations, living beyond our energy means?  In the United States our culture of living beyond our financial means has been years in the making and a bit more obvious because we have something tangible – all our stuff.

I took a quiz (it assumes you live in Australia but still very powerful) that assess how many planets we would need if everyone lived the same lifestyle as I did.  It was sobering.

I think the most convicting part of the reality of climate change is the notion that I’m racking up a balance on my “climate credit card” only to be gaining comfort at the expense of the poorest, least advantaged people in the world.

It’s time to put aside politics, accusations of fabrication of fact, and join together to do something meaningful.  Something with social equity in mind.  Our time on this planet is brief and should be beneficial and not detrimental to the future.