Living in a pretty urban area  I love to see how sustainability and eco-friendly practices are developed by creative minds.  For example, what is becoming (dare I say) common, photovoltaic (solar) systems installed on rooftops.  This week I came across two stories of creative ways to bring sustainability to the city.

 The answer is blowing in the wind

A recent article on Treehugger  New York City Building Water Towers Could be Turned into Wind Turbine highlighted the ability to perhaps use old water towers to support a series of wind turbines.

The roof, the roof, is full of food!

Another article that I came across today is a group that getting ready to put at Hydroponic farm on a roof top that will generate 30 tons of food annually! 

What may seems like small, pie-in-the-sky ideas will quickly become the pieces of the puzzle that make our world a little greener and a whole lot healthier.  I’m excited to see how creative minds will bring us more ways to slow the forces of climate change.

So, when the lights do go down in the city (years from now when we aren’t so dependant on fossil fuels to keep us going) they will come right back up again only brighter and cleaner than before.

* And you are welcome for getting Journey stuck in your head.