I just read a really insightful post on the implications of social media in the PR world and it got me thinking about the larger migration of the way we communicate with each other and “the man” (brands, corporations, and even the government).  In case you missed it, even the White House is tweeting and posting videos!

“OK, great,” you say.  “I’m on twitter, can’t get enough of Hulu and have my visage all over Flickr.  I get it.”  You understand the functionality of the tools and the platforms.  That’s only a small part of the equation.  The proof is in how you use it, how you craft and communicate your message.  The substance of the evolution to social media is the nessecity for authenticity. 


Perhaps there was a time where you could hide behind a well crafted image.  You had time for meetings and pontification for the perfect response to whatever came up.  The evolution of communication has narrowed that window.  You have no choice to be authentic and available, almost immediately.  From the nightmare of a stupid employee to the ability to raise money and awareness for charity, the most successful users are relevant and quick to show up at the dance.

The evolution is 1 part platform and 10 parts message.  To grow and thrive in this new frontier, which will soon be the only frontier, you have to be there.  Really there.  For authentic conversation.