I feel like I have just sold out.  I used my personal brand to try and win an iPhone.  In a moment of weakness and the glimmer of the hipness I would garner with an iPhone in my hand I buckled. 

I would love to know how many followers this agency gained through this promotion.  I have to believe it ripped like a digital tsunami through twitter and several other platforms.  Want more followers?  Give away an iPhone.  You’ll have a guaranteed captive audience, for at least as long as your promotion runs.

So what about us?  Everyday Joe and Sue who just want more exposure, more of an audience to present our awesome message?  And by the way, who don’t have a giveaway budget (and no, giving away that couch of yours that’s followed you around since junior year of college doesn’t count as an attractive offer).  You do have some options.


Don’t just shout.  Just pushing out information you think is interesting and relevant is shouting.  Engage.  Start and actual dialog with the people who follow you.   A personal interaction will allow for you to know whose following you, why, what they want to hear, and who of their friends might want to hear want you have to say too.

Use the tools

Use hashtags, industry jargon, and retweet what you find interesting.  There are people out there that are looking for you, give them a reason to find you.  I’ve seen so many tweets that would spread a personal brand like wildfire if only a few extra tools were employed.

Use your own metrics

Think metrics are only for the big brands?  Think again.  Use a url shortener that allows you to track the number of clicks.  Take an inventory of how many followers you have over time.  Take note of when you gain more followers at a particular time and what kind of followers you are attracting.  Are they like minded to the message you are communicating or is it just a bunch of spammers.

Treating your personal brand like a big brand will keep you focused and garner you the followers that you long for.