I fancy myself a bit of  purist.  When it comes to food, I don’t like a lot of condiments.  I will stick to one beverage during the course of an evening.  When I find a website on a particular topic that I like I stay there.

What’s interesting is I don’t have a taste du jour in social media.  I’m everywhere*.  LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter… but in each arena there’s a different aspect of me.  I believe each area presents a different aspect of who I am. 

It begs the question – if you want to be fully engaged in the digital community are you compelled to maintain a full digital persona and be involved in each of these arenas (and perhaps many others)? 

Here’s one better – as a marketer, should you be focused on one platform?  I argue no.  Your message should be simple and consistent and have the ability to be clearly and effectively communicated no matter the social platform.  That will produce effective marketing that immediately has the ability to become viral.  Let your top brand fans do the leg work for you and spread a powerful message about you.

*OK, for true social media junkies, this list is hardly everywhere.  But stick with me.