As I propel further into the digital eco world it’s been amazing to meet and forge relationships with so many like minded people around the world.  I find it most interesting when I can learn the why behind someones passion for sustainability and not just the practical application they practice.

So, here’s a  little snapshot into my why.  Creation care.  The vastness and complexity of the earth is mind  blowing.  And the notion of the way in which I live my life can have such a negative impact on so many people I don’t even know is sobering.

I’m so fortunate to be married to someone who shares the same notions I do.  We took sometime to really examine why we care about the earth.  Is it just the hip think to do right now?  After all it seems “every one is doing it.”  For us it has nothing to do with being hip (though sometimes that’s an added bonus!). 

So we came up with a central mission, mantra, call it what you will for how we endeavor to approach life:

In response to God’s authorship, we consume deliberately in order to produce effectively.

Why to you care about sustainability?  Really ask yourself.  You’ll be even more excited to continue down this green road!