You did it!  You created a Twitter account.  You can’t wait to get start and get the crazy results that everyone is else is getting.  People are going to find your company and love it… eventually.

If you tweet it they will come

Hold back on shouting your catchy twitter username from the digital rooftop until you have tweeted a little bit.  Get your sea legs.  If you don’t know the message you want to communicate you are going to get few followers.  A potential follower wants to get a sense of what they can expect from you.  Seeing your past tweets can do that.

A bunch of followers doesn’t mean much

OK, it means a lot once your are established.  Chances are when you first start off you will get few of the followers you really want – the ones that are relevant to the message you are trying to communicate.   Getting 25 followers that are trying to sell you something doesn’t mean that much.  25 followers who want to hear what you have to say will take time.  Your first focus should be content.  It will be worth the wait when your followers are retweeting what you have to say and your message trickles through the twittersphere.

Shout now!

You’ve been a twitter for a little while now.  You’ve followed some people and seen their style.  You have some content which helped you establish your style and will help your followers know who you are quickly.  NOW go to your email book, LinkedIn network, Facebook friends, and let them know you have arrived.